Development & apps

Forient builds tools for your business that deliver tangible return, and make innovation central to your growth.


We build sites that span the range of high-traffic editorial hubs, microsites, landing pages, and marketing portals, handling front-end or back-end work using existing tools and platforms or building fresh.

Mobile and apps

Put your site where users want them, on devices for consumption on the move or simply for greater convenience. We build bespoke native and web-based apps in iOS and Android that can expand your reach and give you a footing in new markets instantly. If you have an existing business that is missing out on mobile business, or an idea for an all-new app that gives users something fresh and new, speak to our mobile specialists.

Publishing systems

We think Content Management Systems (CMS) should be easy to use, simple to master, and give you tools relevant to today's content- and mobile-driven world. Our background in technical and editorial development means we know what it's like to be faced with a CMS that is impenetrable and clunky and shackles creativity and output. Instead, we build CMS that unleash your creative potential more easily and are geared towards sharing content wider, quicker, on more platforms.

Site optimisation/SEO

Great content without viewers is wasteful and dispiriting, and hinders your business. If your site hamstrings your creative efforts before you've typed a word or uploaded a file, we can hand you a menu of solutions that your technical team or partners can follow to give your site a fighting chance to have its voice heard. We're strong believers that the strongest weapon in your armoury is great content - don't let your secret weapon stay secret just because your site is keeping it hidden from the world.

Website builds and maintenance

If you have a plan and a roadmap to your next big site, but need help getting there, let us help you achieve your goal and execute the project quickly and efficiently. We've dealt with mega-traffic editorial sites that need to satisfy numerous business needs, through to bespoke passion-based sites that make the individual voice as loud as a choir.

Site and brand overhauls

Sites update to suit technical progress all the time, but sometimes the look and feel can get left behind even as systems get updated. Don't let your site usability and image lag behind. Where you see tired and dated, our creative team sees the potential for a new beginning: they love giving digital makeovers that let sites communicate more clearly and energetically the things they need to.

Combine our expertise with your ambition to move ahead.

Let's go places.